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  1. Foundation Repair Fact and Fiction for Charlotte Homeowners

    Do the words “Foundation Repair” cause to panic just a bit? If so, you are not alone. After all, they likely make you think about the safety of your family

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  2. Concrete Slab Repairs: How to Identify When its Time for Professional Help

    Slab Foundation Repair, Charlotte

    Living in Charlotte, NC is a great thing, because there is always something exciting to do and experience. Regardless of where your home is located, a little bit of settling for

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  3. 9 Tips for a Solid Foundation for Building a Porch or Deck in Charlotte, NC

    When the weather turns hot in Charlotte, NC many of us are quick to look for a place to find some shade and respite from the sun’s rays. We may

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  4. 6 Ways to Know if Your Home in Charlotte Has Sagging Floors

    Sagging Floors - Charlotte structural Repair

    While there are many homeowners in Charlotte, NC who love to make cosmetic changes to their home, many people overlook structural damage which is much more critical for maintaining the

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  5. The Down and Dirty- South Charlotte

    I’ll take crawl spaces for 500.00 Alex…. What is a dark damp and costly space under my home? This seems to be the question most people have when it comes

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