1. Vapor Barriers: A Hidden Hero for Charlotte Homes

    Vapor Barriers in Charlotte

    When it comes to taking good care of your home, there are many elements that one might see and think of as the star of the show. It might be

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  2. Built to Last: Choosing Piers for Your Home in Charlotte

    Home Pier Inspections and Repair, Charlotte

    If you are in the process of building a home in Charlotte, NC, then you know there are many decisions to process. Some of the decisions will affect the way

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  3. Rotten Wood In Your Crawlspace? Common Problem in Charlotte Homes

    Rotten wood crawlspace charlotte

    One of the biggest architectural challenges Charlotte homeowners face today is the result of the way homes were built in previous decades. In earlier years, especially those prior to 1990,

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  4. Identify & Repair Crawlspace Bug Damage to Homes in Charlotte, NC

    crawlspace bug damage charlotte nn

    Every year, homeowners around Charlotte discover that their home’s crawlspace has been invaded by pest such as termites, beetles, carpenter ants and other insects that can thrive on dark, damp

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  5. 6 Ways to Know if Your Home in Charlotte Has Sagging Floors

    Sagging Floors - Charlotte structural Repair

    While there are many homeowners in Charlotte, NC who love to make cosmetic changes to their home, many people overlook structural damage which is much more critical for maintaining the

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