1. 7 Maintenance Tips to Protect A Home’s Foundation in Charlotte NC

    It’s no secret that having a strong foundation for your home is important. Unfortunately, not all home foundations in Charlotte have been built the same but there are several actions you

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  2. Waterproofing Basements In Charlotte, NC Homes

    In light of the recent storm and the abundance of damage caused by Hurricane Florence to the Carolina coastline, you might be thinking a bit more about the condition of

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  3. Concrete Slab Repairs: How to Identify When its Time for Professional Help

    Slab Foundation Repair, Charlotte

    Living in Charlotte, NC is a great thing, because there is always something exciting to do and experience. Regardless of where your home is located, a little bit of settling for

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  4. Are Micropiles Okay for Charlotte Homes?

    When building homes in the Charlotte area it is often necessary to have more than just a “basic foundation” but rather to have one that extends further into the ground

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  5. 9 Tips for a Solid Foundation for Building a Porch or Deck in Charlotte, NC

    When the weather turns hot in Charlotte, NC many of us are quick to look for a place to find some shade and respite from the sun’s rays. We may

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