1. 5 Home Interior Signs that Charlotte Homes May Indicate the Structural Repair Needs

    Cracks on foundation walls

    Our home. It’s not just a house, but a place where we can retreat after a long day at the office. It offers more than just shelter from the elements,

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  2. 8 Ways to Waterproof Homes in Charlotte

    Water. It is our life source and we need it to survive. But, when it comes to non-living structures such as our homes, water is not something we want in

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  3. Is Your Sub-flooring Subpar? How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Home’s Subfloor

    Tiles cracked from bad subfooring?

    The floor of your home is perhaps the most used surface in the house. After all, every action that happens has some type of impact on the floor. As such,

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  4. Brick Veneers: Ensuring Your Charlotte Home’s Foundation is Solid

    For centuries, brick has been a mainstay in architectural design. After all, it is relatively maintenance free, and often increases your home's resale value. However, brick veneers are not always

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  5. Is a Home Ventilation System Important for Homes in Charlotte?

    Home Ventilation Charlotte

    Thinking about a home ventilation system might not be part of your everyday routine, but it is something that plays a vital role in the design and comfort of your

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