1. Is a Home Ventilation System Important for Homes in Charlotte?

    Home Ventilation Charlotte

    Thinking about a home ventilation system might not be part of your everyday routine, but it is something that plays a vital role in the design and comfort of your

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  2. Understanding Girders and Beams for Home Foundations in Charlotte

    Beams and Girder Foundation Support for Homes in Charlotte NC

    Like any field, construction has its own lingo. Some of those terms have become fairly commonplace for home owners, but others can leave one a bit confused. Such is the

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  3. Commonly Used House Footings in Charlotte, NC

    According to an independent study by a professional engineer, 25% of homes in America will experience some type of structural distress and 5% will have major structural problems.  Also of

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  4. Preventing Mold Growth in Your Charlotte Home with Proper Ventilation

    As a homeowner in Charlotte, you may already be adept at identifying things that can damage or destroy your home. Be it taking precautions against fire, shoring up defenses against

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  5. Tips for Buying a Sump Pump for Charlotte Homes

    There are many beautiful homes in Charlotte, NC - some old, some new, modern architecture and those rich in Southern style. But regardless of age or design there can be

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